DURATrax™ Family of Polyurethane Roll Covers


Designed for Superior Traction & Durability

Whether energy is being transferred from the roll to the wire or from the wire to the roll, WireMax™ will optimize your efficiency, dramatically reduce slippage and save you money in energy costs and premature wire wear.  Softer WireMax™ covers last longer and provide more coefficient of friction than bone hard rubber covers.  Finally, hydrophobic polyurethane roll cover technology is specifically designed for the wet end of a paper machine.


Breast rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, guide rolls, chemi-washer rolls, paper rolls, forming rolls, wire drive rolls, wire return rolls, take off and other non-nipped rolls.

            Cover Attributes – Advantages & Benefits

  • Traction – Dramatic reduction in slippage equals longer clothing life
  • Hydrophobicity – Does not absorb ANY water.  Never needs to be “dried out”.
  • Durability – 7x more abrasion resistant than bone hard rubber(0-1 P&J) *Purcy&Jones = Hardness scale
  • Doctorability – Can be doctored with composite, steel, or UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) blades – Allied plastics – Redwood plastics
  • Release – Surface morphology provides for exceptional sheet release
  • Stress Relieved – No “edge lifting” or cracking
  • Less Abrasive – Bone hard (0-1 P&J) rubber covers can contain 3x more abrasive fillers in them that cause premature wire and felt wear.
  • Chemical Resistance – Compatible with virtually all chemicals used with any grade of paper
  • Bond Strength - WireMax™ cover’s bond strength exceeds its tensile strength.


Performance Data

Trade Name____________________WireMax™

Color__________________________Dark Blue

Cover Hardness_________________4-25 P&J

Cover Thickness_________________1/4” – 1” (6-25mm)

Max. Operating Temperature_______200°F (93°C)

Chemical Resistance

Mild Acids________________________Good

Mild Alkalis_______________________Good

Hot Caustics______________________Good

Hot Water_______________________Good

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength__________________Excellent

Bond Strength___________________Excellent

Impact Resistance________________Excellent

Coefficient of Friction______________Excellent (Superior @ 200°F)


Water Absorption_________________Superior


DuraTrax™ Polyurethane Roll Covers are custom engineered for the toughest applications in the paper machine.  DuraTrax™ covers are made using proprietary equipment and materials that defy conventional roll covering guidelines and expectations. DuraTrax™ covers give the customer all the benefits that modern chemistry and engineering have to offer.

WireMax™ is a proprietary polyurethane compound formulated by IPS, Inc.  WireMax™ is only available through IPS, Inc.’s global network of licensees.

Contact Us for a comprehensive Technical Data sheet on WireMax™ roll covers or any of the DuraTrax™ family of roll covers.