DURATrax™ Family of Polyurethane Roll Covers


With Superior traction, impact resistance & durability

ReelMax™ polyurethane reel spool covers provide the durability you expect from press roll cover polyurethanes while protecting the reel drum from damage.  ReelMax™ covers are exceptionally difficult to cut and cuts that do occur will not propagate like they do with rubber covers, rather they will close up and self “heal”.  Most importantly, ReelMax™ is a composite cover which means that it’s optimally filled polyurethane matrix imparts unparalleled traction properties for tighter turn-ups and less wasted paper


Reel spools, reel drums and winder drums.

            Cover Attributes – Advantages & Benefits

  • Traction – Tighter turn-ups and less wasted paper equal money saved
  • Cut Resistance – Resists knife cuts.  Toughest cover to cut in the paper industry
  • Durability – Up to 7x more abrasion resistant than rubber covers
  • Impact Resistance – Dramatically reduced damage from hoists and primary arms
  • Release – Surface morphology provides for exceptional sheet release
  • Stress Relieved – Cuts that do occur will close up and self “heal”.  Cuts will not propagate like they do with rubber covers.
  • Noise Reduction – Virtually noiseless loading onto the reel drum
  • Vibration Dampening – Smoother turn-ups means fewer wrinkles and less wasted paper.
  • Bond Strength - ReelMax ™ cover’s bond strength exceeds the tensile strength


Performance Data

Trade Name____________________ReelMax™

Color__________________________Dark Blue

Cover Hardness_________________5 - 40 P&J

Cover Thickness________________1/4” – 1” (6-25mm)

Max. Operating Temperature______200°F (93°C)

Chemical Resistance

Mild Acids______________________Good

Mild Alkalis_____________________Good

Hot Caustics____________________Good

Hot Water______________________Good

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength_________________Excellent (Superior at less than 10 P&J)

Bond Strength___________________Excellent

Impact Resistance________________Superior

Coefficient of Friction______________Excellent (Superior at 30 P&J)

Release________________________Excellent (No Sheet Floating)

Water Absorption_________________Superior


DuraTrax™ Polyurethane Roll Covers are custom engineered for the toughest applications in the paper machine.  DuraTrax™ covers are made using proprietary equipment and materials that defy conventional roll covering guidelines and expectations. DuraTrax™ covers give the customer all the benefits that modern chemistry and engineering have to offer. 

ReelMax™ is a proprietary polyurethane compound formulated by IPS, Inc.  ReelMax™ is only available through IPS, Inc.’s global network of licensees.

Contact Us for a comprehensive Technical Data sheet on ReelMax™ roll covers or any of the DuraTrax™ family of roll covers.