DURATrax™ Family of Polyurethane Roll Covers


Our most technically advanced reel spool cover

ReelExtreme™ is essentially a “dead” product that absorbs virtually all of the energy applied to it.  This means that the roll cover will not bounce or vibrate when loaded onto the reel drum and turn-ups begin instantly with less wasted paper from wrinkles and slippage.  ReelExtreme™ Covers are extremely impact resistant and provide the spool with the greatest protection from reel drums, hoists, primary arms and journal strands.  ReelExtreme™ is also the most abrasion resistant cover we manufacture and will provide years of reliable service.


Reel spools, reel drums and winder drums.

            Cover Attributes – Advantages & Benefits

  • Traction – Tighter turn-ups and less wasted paper equal money saved
  • Cut Resistance – Resists knife cuts.  Toughest cover to cut in the paper industry
  • Durability – Up to 10x more abrasion resistant than rubber covers
  • Impact Resistance – Dramatically reduced damage from hoists and primary arms
  • Release – Surface morphology provides for exceptional sheet release
  • Stress Relieved – Cuts that do occur will close up and self “heal”.  Cuts will not propagate like they do with rubber covers.
  • Noise Reduction – Virtually noiseless loading onto the reel drum
  • Vibration Dampening – Smoother turn-ups means fewer wrinkles and less wasted paper.
  • Bond Strength - ReelExtreme ™ uses a special PolyFuse™ bonding system usually reserved for press roll applications.  Bond strength far exceeds the tensile strength of the polymer.


Performance Data

Trade Name____________________ReelExtreme ™


Cover Hardness_________________5 - 60 P&J

Cover Thickness________________1/4” – 1.25” (6-25mm)

Max. Operating Temperature______200°F (93°C)

Chemical Resistance

Mild Acids_______________________Good

Mild Alkalis______________________Good

Hot Caustics_____________________Poor

Hot Water______________________ Poor

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength_________________Superior

Bond Strength___________________Superior

Impact Resistance________________Superior

Coefficient of Friction______________Superior

Release________________________Excellent (No Sheet Floating)

Water Absorption________________Superior


DuraTrax™ Polyurethane Roll Covers are custom engineered for the toughest applications in the paper machine.  DuraTrax™ covers are made using proprietary equipment and materials that defy conventional roll covering guidelines and expectations. DuraTrax™ covers give the customer all the benefits that modern chemistry and engineering have to offer.

ReelExtreme ™ is a proprietary polyurethane compound formulated by IPS, Inc.  ReelExtreme ™ is only available through IPS, Inc.’s global network of licensees. 

Contact Us for a comprehensive Technical Data sheet on ReelExtreme™ roll covers or any of the DuraTrax™ family of roll covers.