DURATrax™ Family of Polyurethane Roll Covers


Designed for extreme conditions

Whether it is sever abrasion, doctoring or temperature, FeltTrax ™ can handle it.  FeltTrax ™ is revolutionary in that it can handle the higher temperatures found around the size press and inside the dryer hood and still be soft enough (15 P&J) at application temperature to dramatically reduce slippage with the wire or felt.  Finally, a roll cover that is designed for the traction you need, yet also offers the papermaker unsurpassed traction, abrasion resistance, hydrophobicity, thermal stability and doctorability.


Breast rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, guide rolls, chemi-washer rolls, paper rolls, forming rolls, lead in & lead out rolls, and other non-nipped rolls.

            Cover Attributes – Advantages & Benefits

  • Traction – Dramatic reduction in felt slippage equals longer clothing life
  • Hydrophobicity – Does not absorb ANY water.  Never needs to be “dried out”.
  • Durability – 5x more abrasion resistant than bone hard rubber(0-1 P&J)
  • Doctorability – Can be doctored with composite, steel, or UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) blades
  • Release – Surface morphology provides for exceptional sheet release
  • Stress Relieved – No “edge lifting” or cracking
  • Thermal Stability – Maintains hardness profile and resists thermal degradation
  • Chemical Resistance – Compatible with virtually all chemicals used with any grade of paper
  • Bond Strength - FeltTrax ™ cover’s bond strength exceeds its tensile strength.


Performance Data

Trade Name_____________________FeltTrax ™

Color___________________________Dark Blue

Cover Hardness__________________2 P&J

Cover Thickness_________________1/4” – 1” (6-25mm)

Max. Operating Temperature______250°F (121°C)

Chemical Resistance

 Mild Acids______________________Excellent

 Mild Alkalis_____________________Excellent

 Hot Caustics____________________Good

 Hot Water______________________Excellent

 Physical Properties

 Tensile Strength_________________Excellent

 Bond Strength___________________Excellent

 Impact Resistance________________Good

 Coefficient of Friction______________Good (Excellent @ 250°F)


 Water Absorption_________________Superior


DuraTrax™ Polyurethane Roll Covers are custom engineered for the toughest applications in the paper machine.  DuraTrax™ covers are made using proprietary equipment and materials that defy conventional roll covering guidelines and expectations. DuraTrax™ covers give the customer all the benefits that modern chemistry and engineering have to offer.

FeltTrax ™ is a proprietary polyurethane compound formulated by IPS, Inc.  FeltTrax ™ is only available through IPS, Inc.’s global network of licensees.

Contact Us for a comprehensive Technical Data sheet on FeltTrax ™ roll covers or any of the DuraTrax™ family of roll covers.