At OIR, we are always looking for ways to improve upon an original design. For example, we can offer our customers several options for extending part life. Using specialty wires, we can overlay screw flights, rotors and feeders, drastically improving run time.

We are not limited to repairing screws and rotors. We offer a full service fabrication facility that is prepared to work with you and help you achieve your needs. Our experienced fabricators strive to be the best in their field.

Our Fabrication area is used to weld, repair, and construct new equipment out of low and medium carbon, ferritic, austentitic, and duplex stainless steels. We can weld employing stick, TIG, and MIG. We use both plasma and gas for our cutting processes. We can also work with aluminum, titanium, and apply an array of hard facing including Stellite.

Common Fabrication Requests are:

  • Screw Flights repair
  • Rotor repair
  • Feeder repair
  • Conveyor screw repair
  • Sectional flight repair
  • Variable pitch flight repair
  • Ribbon screw repair