Balancing Loberotor

Using our balancer, OIR's machinists can increase your up time and reduce your maintenance costs. We can balance your rotating elements to G specifications or to mil displacement. 

A selection of balancing arbors allows us to easily balance most rotating elements.

We are capable of balancing to G1 specifications.
Maximum running length in our balancer is 40ft.
Weight limits are, 250lbs minimum and 25,000lbs maximum.

Balance quality grade G


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Rotor Types - General examples

G 40


- Car wheels, wheel rims, wheel sets, drive shafts.
- Crankshaft-drives of elastically mounted fast four-cycle engines (gasoline or diesel) with six or more cylinders4). 
- Crankshaft-drives for engines of cars, trucks and locomotives.

G 16


- Drive Shafts (propeller shafts, cardanshafts with special req
- Parts of crushing machinery. 
- Parts of agricultural machinery. 
- Individual components of engines (gasoline or diesel) for cars, trucks and locomotives. 
- Crankshaft-drives of engines with six or more cylinders under special requirements.

G 6,3


- Parts or process plant machines.
- Marine main turbine gears (merchant service). 
- Centrifugal drums. 
- Fans 
- Assembled aircraft gas turbine rotors. 
- Fly wheels. 
- Pump impellers. 
- Machine-tool and general machinery parts. 
- Normal electrical armatures. 
- Individual components of engines under special requirements.

G 2,5


- Gas and steam turbines, including marine turbines (merchant service). 
- Rigid turbo-generator rotors. 
- Rotors. 
- Turbo-compressors. 
- Machine-tool drives. 
- Medium and large electrical armatures with special requirements. 
- Small electrical armatures. 
- Turbine-driven pumps.

G 1


- Tape recorder and phonographs (gramophone) drives. 
- Grinding-machine drives. 
- Small electrical armatures with special requirements

G 0,4


- Spinles, disks and armatures of precision grinders. 
- Gyroscopes.

Commonly Balanced Items Include:

  • Rolls 
  • Rotors 
  • Fans
  • Shafts 
  • Impellers

Static Balancing:
Less sensitive items can be statically balanced to your oz-in specification.