About OIR

About Oregon Industrial Repair, Inc.Oregon Industrial Repair

Business Specialties: Oregon Industrial Repair Inc. specializes in the repair of large industrial equipment, as well as the repair of heavy equipment. 

Our specialties include:

  • Pulp and Paper Mill repairs
  • Food processing plant repairs
  • Vineyard equipment repairs
  • Hydroelectric utility repairs
  • Wind and Power generation utilities repair
  • Wood processing plant repair
  • Lumber mill repair
  • Water and Wastewater treatment plant repair
  • Steel and Aluminum mill repair
  • Aggregate resource repairs (which include)
    • Crushing equipment repair
    • Screening equipment repair
    • Trommel screen repair
    • Conveyor repair
    • Mining Machinery repair

Business History: Started in 1982 as Gattchet & Purvine Machine Shop, specializing in repair of logging and paper mill equipment. In 1988 the company was incorporated as Oregon Industrial Repair Inc., expanding its market into power plants, recycling, and servicing public utility companies along with other private machine/metal fabrication shops in the Willamette Valley.

Now Oregon Industrial Repair Inc. has grown to a level that has incorporated all aspects of Heavy Industrial Repair through out the nation, and is proud to have our equipment and repairs around the world.  We are always up to the challenge our customers might bring and we feel these challenges keep our engineers and fabricators at the top of their game.

Essential Business Philosophy: Providing our clients with quality engineering and shop talents to resolve needed repairs and/or modifications to their equipment or facility.

At OIR, customer service is our primary priority. That means being there when you call, no matter when, no matter where. It means having the right people using the right tools for your project. It means having the knowledge and experience to create the correct solution to your problem, on time, and on budget.

Repair of all Industrial Machinery, with Experience and Expertise in:

  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Food Processing
  • Hydroelectric/Wind & Power Generation Utilities
  • Wood Processing Plants & Lumber Mill Operations
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Steel & Aluminum Mills
  • Aggregate Resources

24 Hours Daily - 7 Days a Week: To ensure a timely turnaround on our projects we work around the clock for you our customers.  We focus our time on:

  • Roll Rebuild and Manufacturing
  • Transfer screw repair
  • Flight repairs
  • Pump repair - All Sizes and Types
  • Gears and Gear Box modification and repairs
  • Blower repair
  • Screw Auger Rebuild and Manufacture
  • Rotor and Extraction Plate Rebuild and Manufacture
  • Alloy and Steel Fabrication - Mig, Tig and Sub-Arc capabilities
  • Shaft repair
  • Impeller repair
  • Fan Shroud repair
  • M&D Digester repair